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Different Exhaust Smoke Colors


The smoke from exhaust is a very common thing that you may find with your vehicle. It is necessary for you to know well about it and understand the things happening behind the occurrence of these kinds of smoke. There are various kinds of the smokes which can be emitted from exhaust. As a vehicle owner, you need to understand about this kind of the smoke and also the reasons behind it. It is necessary for you to understand what the smoke that is emitted from the exhaust actually means. The various colored exhaust smoke emitted from your vehicles can act in the form of a signal for any of the issue. It is always good for you to go to the service center as soon as possible if you are finding any of the various colors of the smoke getting emitted from exhaust. Here are some of the information that you can gather about these kinds of the smoke.

White Smoke from Exhaust

Normally the smoke that is emitted from the exhaust if your vehicle is white but it is really thin and may be like vapor. There is no need for you to worry much about such kind of the smoke. These are those kinds of the smoke that usually is originated due to condensation. If the white smoke that is emitted from the exhaust of your vehicle is something very thick, white and cloudy then it can lead to really a huge problem in vehicle. There are chances for this smoke to be caused by the block in the cracked engine, blown head gasket or the damaged cylinder head.

These are the issues which are really serious and may need better attention when you are dealing with that. This is also the condition that might be really so that you can so that there are chances so that it can be of better way to avoid it. If you are not taking care of the issue immediately then it can really lead to disaster. If there is any leakage of the coolant then also it can lead to the emission of such thick kind of the smoke which can lead to overheating of the engine. It is good to take the necessary steps to avoid such kind of the situation.

Blue Smoke From Exhaust

If there is blue colored smoke emitted from the exhaust then it indicates that the oil is getting burned in engine. If the oil can leak past where it is actually meant to due to the wearing out of the seals, valve or rings. This kind of leaking can make the oil go into combustion chamber in which it will be burned in same way like that of the fuel. It is necessary to check the oil if you ever find that kind of the blue smoke. It is also necessary for you to be really careful as it can lead to over consumption. It is necessary for you to get the attention very fast so that you do not actually go to bad states like internal repair and such kind of issues.

Grey Smoke From Exhaust

Exhaust smoke that is colored as grey can be really hard for you to diagnose and it is also a sign that oil is burning inside engine. This color with the exhaust smoke is also the indication that the turbocharger has become bad in the vehicle. It is necessary for you to take all the precautions that you have taken with blue smoke with this colored smoke too as they may also lead to excessive consumption. It is the kind of the condition that can easily be dealt with in the right way possible. It can also indicate any blocked valve which is there in the PVC system of the vehicle.

Black Smoke

Black colored exhaust smoke is something which can be the result of various causes. All the reasons which may lead to this colored smoke may be due to too much of the burning of the fuel. It is good for you to check with the various intake components of the vehicle which include regulator of fuel pressure, fuel injectors, sensors and also the air filter. It is also possible for this condition to be the result of the fuel lie clogging. Black smoke can be considered as one among the less expensive and also easiest one to be fixed. It does not mean that if you ignore it you can save money. If you are letting it to be like that for longer time then it can really lead to wastage of money and can also decrease the fuel economy.

If the exhaust smoke emitted from the vehicle is something which is other than the white smoke that is thin and looks like that of the white vapor then it can really lead to much problem. If the black smoke is really something hard to deal with then it is better for you to deal with that in the best way. There are quite a lot of things which you need to understand about the smoke.

Things to Consider For Resolving the Exhaust Smoke Issue

There are chances for the exhaust smoke to really occur due to the various reasons which you have considered. It is necessary for you to understand and do the best way possible so that your vehicle is back to the normal condition. It is necessary for you to maintain the vehicle in a routine basis so that your vehicle really stays in healthy form. It is really a good way through which you can easily have the vehicle in proper form.

If there are some kind of issues with the engines which are common then try to fix that as soon as possible. It is also good to use cleaners that are professionally developed so that any issue can be easily resolved. Try to ensure that your vehicle is really in better form so that it do not lead to smoke from exhaust.

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