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A leaf blower, or more commonly a blower, is a type of tool used during gardening which is meant to clean up debris such as grass cuttings or leaves. These tools usually run on gasoline or electric motors. Although traditionally, the gasoline models having two-stroke engines were used, more recently four-stroke engines have been introduced due to concerns of air pollution. These blowers are usually self-contained handheld tools, or backpack contained units having a hand-held wand. The latter is considered to be more ergonomic and has a longer life. The larger units are moved around on wheels and also rely on a motor for the propulsion. These tools are often called the “walk behind leaf blowers” since they require a push by the hand to perform their function. There are certain units called “blower vac” which can suck in small twigs and leaves through a vacuum, and chop them into a container.

The following are the reviews of some of the best electric leaf blower tools available in the market

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
Worx Turbine 12 Amp Corded Leaf BlowerClick Here
Black & Decker BV3600 12-Amp Blower VacClick Here
DEWALT DWBL700 Elec BlowerClick Here
BLACK+DECKER LSW36 Lithium SweeperClick Here
DEWALT DCBL720P1 20V MAX 5.0 Ah Click Here

WORX WG520 Turbine Leaf Blower with 600 CFM – Electric

Product description:

  • It has a high capacity of air volume along with turbine fan equipment.
  • It has a powerful control for speed which is meant for versatility.
  • It is light in weight can be operated with just one hand.

Pros: With just one use, you will realize that the Worx High capacity leaf blower with Turbine Fan facility actually delivers a pretty strong performance. This tool has the ability to blow leaves across a big yard, and also cleans a garage in less than a minute. It is almost equivalent to the large gas powered blowers. It is also quite small in size and takes up very little space in the garage. It’s light in weight and hence very easy to carry during long stretch of work. This makes it one of the best electric leaf blowers.

Cons: One requires an extension cord in order to use this tool. You have to drag it around the garden all day, and it gets quite tiring when you continuously have to re-connect the cord whenever it becomes loose. Another problem is that The WG520 is also very hard to get and one may have to wait for a long time to find it in stock.

Black and Decker BV3600 12 Amp Blower Vac

Product description:

  • It has a 230 mph blower.
  • There is an anti-clog vortex impeller.
  • There is a tool-free switching between blower and vacuum within seconds.

Pros: The Black & Decker Blower Vac drives through leaves and other debris easily. It has an anti-clog feature which prevents clogging while mulching and also crushes at least 10 bags of mulch into one. Its battery life is great and although it may be a bit heavy at the end of a long stretch of job, overall it is recommended especially for cleaning leaves and grass clipping. It is also quite easy to put-together and is not at all heavy and hence, one of the best electric leaf blowers.

Cons: The leaf collection bag has to be emptied several times which is quite time consuming. Also, its cloth bag releases a lot of fine dust. The main switch is situated on the body of the tool inside the hand-grip and so your hand will keep blocking the switch, which makes it a little difficult.

DEWALT DWBL700 12 Amp Handheld Blower

Product description:

  • It has a 145 mph blower.
  • It has a round concentrator nozzle meant for blowing out concrete anchor holes and crevices.
  • It is designed to endure heavy-duty professional usage and yet provide a long motor life.

Pros: Its flat nozzle has the ability to blow leaves a good 15′ and this makes cleaning a huge patio easier while requiring only a couple of minutes. It can also blow leaves off the grass very quickly and easily. The tool also works pretty well to clean stones, dirt and debris from the driveway. Apart from all this, it also does not have the problem of gas.

Cons: The tool does not possess a vacuum function but that’s pretty much the only problem. Other than that, it a 5-star!

Cordless Li-ion battery leaf blowers

BLACK&DECKER LSW36 40-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Sweeper

Product Description:

  • It has a strong 40-volt lithium ion battery.
  • It has a power command which controls speed to deliver highest run-time or highest power.
  • It has a blow tube with an in-built scraper which allows its users to loosen stuck-on debris
    and matted leaves.
  • It has a soft grip handle and weighs only 4.7 pounds.

Pros: Its battery life is incredible to say the least and can easily clean up a 1 acre concrete land with only a single battery. The strength of this tool is enough for blowing off grass clippings from your side walk, driveway, porch, etc. after mowing. It is also pretty useful for blowing waste out of the garage.

Cons: It emits a lot of noise and also has a less ergonomic handle. You would be required to get much closer to the waste than you would do in case of a 150 mph unit but even then the debris won’t be blown as far. However, it is not sure how this tool would function while blowing huge amount of thick grass clippings from your driveway or even actual leaves during the fall.

DEWALT DCBL720P1 20V MAX 5.0 Ah Lithium Ion XR Brushless Blower

Product Description:

  • It has got a unique axial fan built which increases the air output as well as run time.
  • It has a 90 MPH blower.
  • Variable speed lock and trigger
  • It comes with a 20V MAX 5.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery as well as a charger.

Pros: This tool is undoubtedly one of the best electric leaf blowers in the market due to its light weight and great battery life. It has a light weight and is strong enough to remove the leaves and grass clippings off any surfaces in just one pass. The 4Ah batteries will still have 3 charge LEDs lit even after you use it for 5 to 10 minutes.

Cons: It doesn’t work well on rocky surface. It emits a lot of noise with too much vibration and this might be a problem. This tool may work well for blowing leaves on a smooth surface, but as soon as they blow onto rocks, it is actually faster to simply reach down and pick them up.

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